Rabu, 30 Mac 2011


owh..ye ke? atok dengar-dengar je..



Jackie Chan's people took to Twitter and Facebook Tuesday to deny reports the actor had died.

"Jackie is alive and well. He did not suffer a heart attack and die," the EyeofJackieChan tweeted Tuesday morning.

Chan's death was reported on social networking websites like Twitter, as well as a few online reports.

The reports quoted a source from a Los Angeles hospital who said he died while promoting Kung Fu Panda 2. The reports said his heavy schedule "was causing extreme stress and putting too much pressure on his heart." It also said U.S. President Barack Obama had issued a statement with his condolences and MTV was planning a special memorial for Chan on Friday.

"Jackie is fine and busy preparing for filming his next movie," his Facebook page said.

Chan is just the latest celebrity to be killed off in an online hoax. Other celebrities who have been rumoured to be dead when they're still very much alive include Justin Bieber, Gordon Lightfoot, and Jeff Goldblum.

sumber : Chan a target of death hoax | Celebrities | Entertainment | Toronto Sun

hampeh..kene tipu lagi…hohoho


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Unknown berkata...

atok buat MACEK na jd NENEK *akibat tekejut* haha!~

AiMaN berkata...

@maceklalaminat jackie chan ke? atok pun dah terkena sblm ni..huhhu